Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Weeks

Not a bunch to write now, just thought I'd check in and let everyone know how things are going.

I have my first appointment next week. I am actually feeling great other than being exhausted. I don't necessarily feel tired, but it's all I can do to pick up my feet and walk. I've been indulging myself in naps just about every day on my days off. I have been eating every meal like it's my last meal-- I am just hungry 24/7 but am pleased to see that I haven't gained any weight yet from all my eating. I haven't had any more cramps, no spotting, and my HCG is well within range. By the end of this 5th week our baby will already have a heart beat and I cannot wait to hear that beautiful sound on ultrasound! I have already been thinking about delivery and how I want things done after the baby is born. We know that both my husband and I agree that it should be just him in the delivery room with me (besides the Nurses and Doctor of course). I am sure we will have family coming into town to visit and I am pretty certain that after the baby is born I am going to ask that we not have any visitors for at least an hour after birth to give us time alone with our little miracle before everyone charges in wanting to see the baby-- yes, I'm going to be very, very stingy! My husband has been wonderful. My family is excited.

I thank God every night for this little blessing growing inside me, and I pray that he will carry us both through a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Please keep us in your prayers as I continue to pray for a miracle for all of you! 


  1. We're going to have to change your name to Mama Myrtle! Enjoy this time, nap and be good to yourself. It sounds like your experience as a nurse is helping you figure out the best delivery plan for you and your husband. I prayed for you this week and I will continue to do so. Thanks for the update!

  2. I remember being STARVING! A sign all is going well along with the HCG levels (which mine weren't) so it's very exciting to hear that yours are!!!

  3. Are you planning on updating any longer or was this it??? I'm always curious how people are doing and hate when they just disappear...