Monday, April 8, 2013

CD 12

First test day, which was a negative. I am relieved about that though as I'm hoping I'll be ovulating CD 14 or 15, only because it would make things a lot easier with our schedules, plus it would allow me more time to rest after the IUI. I will be off and although my husband will be at work, today and tomorrow were going to be hectic days and he was nervous about having to call in. I am so anxious for this. My ovaries feel so big and distended that it's hard for me to sleep any other way besides flat on my back at night and my pants are all so tight on my stomach that I have just wanted to live in yoga pants the last week.

My husband briefly spoke to his boss yesterday about our situation and said his boss seemed very understanding and willing to work with these unpredictable "sick" days which is a relief to both of us (Thank God for kind understanding people.) My family still knows nothing about all this. Occasionally I get an itch to tell them, but based off of previous experience with our journey so far leading up to this, we decided it was better to just stop talking about it. In some ways I just hope they don't ask because then I won't have to lie-- I am a crappy liar. 

Once I get my + test it will more than likely take me a day or two to blog as our clinic is almost on the other side of the state, so it will be an all-day event for us. We will leave as soon as we can after the IUI in order to get my husband home so he can be back at work the next day. 


  1. You are getting closer! I will be sending you lots of positive energy this week. Try to imagine the pain and uncomfortableness as your body producing everything you need to make your baby. I know it sounds corny, but it helped me to relax. My sister said she used to visualize sperm and egg meeting, when she was trying to conceive. If anything, it will distract you. p.s. Thanks for putting up with my name change!

  2. So exciting!!!

    While we may not be blood those of us in the infertility world are family! You will always find support here no matter where we are in the journey!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I have been ever so blessed by so much support in the blogging world! I can't thank you enough for your good thoughts!