Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CD 14--Here we go!

It's CD 14, and the day we will go for our first IUI because I got my positive ovulation test at 3 am this morning. I woke up to go pee and realized it was only 3am, however I knew I couldn't hold it for another 2 hours so I figured I may as well test! Now I'm up like a 6 year old on Christmas morning because I'm to excited to sleep. I will be calling the clinic as soon as they open to get an appointment with them today and we will make the trip to be in the office for probably an hour or so and then drive back home tonight so my husband can be at work tomorrow. After today starts the big 2ww and I am so nervous but so excited! Because of unforeseen circumstances we had to pull some money from our savings last week so we will be tight on money until next pay day but I don't care. If this is what will get me my baby I will be happy to eat Ramen noodles and baked potatoes like a poor broke college student again! Did I mention I am so excited? Here we go!

I'm praying this is it friends! I hope this is our big day where I will finally get my eggo preggo! I plan on resting the next couple of days but will post again as soon as I can. 


  1. So excited for you! Sending you lots of baby dust!

  2. So exciting! I was thinking of you on the way home from my appointment today!!!