Friday, April 5, 2013

CD 8 and 9

Today is my last day of Clomid this cycle and I am so very happy about that! My ovaries could not possibly grow any bigger without rupturing, I'm sure of it. My abdomen hurts--Tender to touch too hard and I can't bend over to even a 90 degree angle because the pressure on my abdomen sends me jumping up in pain. I'm praying that these are big follicles in my ovaries and not a cyst again because although my right side is tender, my left side is the one that really hurts-- which is the one that had the cyst last time. To all you ladies out there with PCOS, I don't know how you stand this on a constant basis, you ladies are tough! Other than waking up today (CD 9) with the pain of my ovaries, I am very nauseated. I'm eating some saltines hoping it will pass. I'm just relieved that I'm done with the Clomid this cycle and in a few days I'll be ovulating and this pain will be gone. 

I called our clinic yesterday and they have all my necessary labs and are expecting us next week. One thing I've always loved about this clinic is how personable the staff are. The nurse who has been working with us sounded so excited for us on the phone yesterday which made me even more excited. My husband seems excited as well, but I think we are both a little nervous. They went over the basics with us so we would know what to expect but our appointments are always so emotional for me I didn't retain much of the information. 

For now I am trying to be positive and I am hopeful that this will work. I may be setting myself up if I get that BFN but I tend to be a high anxiety type person so I am trying not to stress and to just be positive right now. My plan is to take the day after the procedure off work as well if I am scheduled to allow myself a day to just rest. I figure my 2ww will be filled with me being a little overly-cautious with my body but I'm not willing to risk my chances by pushing myself or doing anything to stress myself. Now that I'm thinking about it...that will carry on long past the 2ww if I am blessed enough to get a BFP. If I do, I'll also take back all of my complaining about Clomid and vow to never call it a bastard pill again.

I believe that's it for now... May you all have an amazing Friday! 


  1. Clomid is a bastard for sure! I am so glad that you are taking time to rest after the IUI. I took one day off and we conceived with IUI. Two is even better! My 83 year old great-aunt told me to rest and I listened. Don't even run an errand on the way home, if you can. I also recommend staying on the table for at least 20 minutes. Our nurse forgot about us and we stayed for 30 minutes, while my husband touched things on the counters he shouldn't have touched and weighed himself on the scale. LOL.

  2. I changed the name of my blog--I wanted to let you know so you can find me! I hope you are having a good weekend.