Thursday, April 4, 2013

CD 7

A welcomed change from CD 6, was CD 7. I felt emotionally stable yesterday, which I cannot say for day 6 you know if you read my previous post. I've also had the most unusual dreams this cycle of Clomid. I don't recall now what they were about but I remember waking up the last 2 nights thinking how bizarre the dream I just had was.  Today has just begun and is CD 8 for me. When I woke up this morning I felt like my ovaries were growing dinosaur eggs (I can't wait to see the size of these follicles on ultrasound.) I noticed at this point it's even a bit hard for me to pee because my abdomen feels so "full" I guess you could say. I'm a little bloated and feel gassy (could have nothing to do with the Clomid, and everything to do with the spaghetti we ate last night), but after today I only have one more little stupid pill this cycle so it's probable that I will live. I am getting so excited for our first IUI and even the thought that I have a small chance at becoming pregnant that I would jump up and down if I didn't think my ovaries would fall over on themselves from all the weight. I only have 4 more days until I start testing for ovulation. My instructions were not to test until day 12 because doing so before then can give you a false positive result.

I watched a vlog on YouTube yesterday that a fellow blogger recommended. It was a girl that also worked in the healthcare field and her husband was being deployed in a few months so after trying for over a year they were going in for their first IUI. She ended up getting pregnant with her first IUI and having an adorable little girl. As I watched her videos I kept praying for that kind of luck and as I watched her reaction with her positive pregnancy test I cried and wondered how my husband and I would react (happy obviously.) I've already been dreaming of ways to announce my pregnancy to family members. Thank you Eve @ The Countess of Clomid for recommending the vlog to me, it was a little glimmer of hope for me getting ready to have our first IUI. 

I will keep you all posted on our IUI in the days and weeks to follow. Prayers and thoughts appreciated and sent right back to the rest of you ladies. Lots of love!


  1. If your hubby reacts like mine did in 08' he will sit there, you will say "I see a second line, I'm pregnant!" and all of the color will drain out of his face and he will say "I don't think I"m ready" LOL. You however will be walking on air, and no matter how bad the day you won't care! It will happen for you! It will!!!

    1. Thanks Queen Mom, I'm trying to keep that positive outlook and hope for the best. It's funny how different men and women are, even though you are trying for a really long time. I may have to video his reaction the day it happens!